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Barn Fire Relief Fund 

On Monday November 27th, 2017 a massive fire broke out in the main barn of Mathias Farms. Included in the barn complex was a cold storage as well as the farm's maintenance shop. 

All farm equipment, including 5 tractors, combine, sprayer, tow motor, AMT's, etc... ,and day to day tools used on the farm were lost. In addition to the farm equipment and tools lost, the main water pump for the property was destroyed in the fire. The  structure of the barn complex is also gone. 

Mathias Farms, that has seen 2 generations of farmers, is a long standing fixture in the Fonthill community. Tom's generous nature, and Beth's constant willingess to assist others, has been experienced throughout the community for years. Much of what was lost in this fire can never be replaced as items were gathered through a lifetime of farming. 

Any donation is appreciated. All of us at  Mathias Farms are forever grateful for your assistance. 


Donations can be made through gofundme:


Tom's Tools

In the fire Tom lost hundred of tools that we need help replacing to run the day to day operation of the farm. If you or someone you know can spare any tools that are gently used, we would be forever grateful for your donation to help us replenish our shop. 


Here is a list of tools that are most needed: Tom's Tools - Click here to see list!

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